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Floating Water Plant Parrots Feather

Floating Water Plant Parrots Feather

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A very hardy plant in zones 6 - 10, parrots feather can withstand a good amount of abuse including moving water in stream beds . Unique feathery foliage closes up at night and opens the next morning. . Plant performs great tucked away in the rocks along your pond's edges. As it matures, it will provide valuable surface coverage for your fish in the summer heat . Parrots feather can also be secured to the bottom of your pond under a rock, it will grow up to the surface over time and provide valuable areas for fish spawning . Sold in bunches of 6 - 8 stems as a floating water plant, you may also find it sold as a bog/marginal plant

Parrots Feather, Myriophyllum aquatica, is one of the most versatile and functional pond plants you can have. Its lush, feathery green foliage spreads along the pond surface providing valuable shade. Aside from being a great cover plant, its roots provide spawning areas for fish.

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