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Accelera 300 80-Gal. Tall Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

Accelera 300 80-Gal. Tall Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

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Accelera 300 qualifies for federal, state, local, and utility financial incentives that may be available for heat pump water heaters . Single, specially-designed 1700-watt back-up element can be disabled . 80 gal. (300 l) tank is designed so 50 gal. of hot water can be drawn before the back-up element is needed . Only wrap-around aluminum condenser on the market means no possible contamination of potable water . Glass-lined tank resists lime for longer life and the anode rod is replaceable . Can be powered by photovoltaic array . The higher the ambient air temperature where the unit is located, the greater the efficiency will be . Heat pump requires sufficient air in order to work and should not be installed in a closed space smaller than 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 8 ft. . Water heater height is approximately 75 in. tall and 1 foot minimum additional is needed for servicing . Heat pump will dehumidify the space where it is installed and cool it down approximately 2-6 degrees F (1-3 C) . Moisture removed from the air by the heat pump will require a condensate drain . Make sure the floor will support 1000 lbs., the weight of a unit filled with water . Do not install in a location where air temperature regularly drops below 42 F (6 C) or above 108 F (42 C) . All heat pump water heaters make noise roughly equivalent to a freezer while in operation and should not be installed where this would be a problem . Inlet and outlet fittings are 1 in. NPT; condensate drain and T&P fittings are 3/4 in. NPT

Stiebel Eltron developed tankless electric water heating technology 90 years ago and continues as the industry pioneer and world leader. Our engineering excellence and high-quality manufacturing results in products fulfilling the highest expectations of performance and reliability. Thirty years of heat pump experience have taught us how to design a heat pump water heater to be as efficient as possible. The Accelera 300 extracts 80 percent of the heat it needs to make hot water from the energy in ambient air. We rely on the heat pump to make hot water, not on the back-up element. Heat pump draws only 500 watts and every watt it uses generates 3 - 5 watts of hot water. Over a year our 80-gal. tank is more efficient than competing 50-gal. tanks. In warm climates, the unit can be placed in a garage, where it uses the heat from the outside air; or inside the house, where it helps with air conditioning. In cooler climates, it is typically placed in a basement where it also dehumidifies the basement. Heat pump water heaters are not a new concept in Europe, and the Accelera 300, engineered and made by us in Germany, has been the largest seller there for 30 years. The Accelera 300’s Energy Star energy factor is 2.51, the highest in the category.

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