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Aztek Single/Double Action Airbrush Kit (3-Pack)

Aztek Single/Double Action Airbrush Kit (3-Pack)

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  • $ 44900

Simple airbrushing system with interchangeable nozzles and bottles . Ergonomic design and easy adjustable wheel for fine lines to broad strokes gives you precision control . Perfect for any type of paint from enamel to acrylic (water base) . Endless projects and hours fun with easy clean up afterwards

Testors Aztek dual action professional spray system delivers precision painting that will leave you feeling like a Pro. With cutting edge innovations such as the Tip technology make this airbrush the most consumer friendly airbrush on the market. Our sprayer allows for many different paints to be used and by using the adjustment wheel you can spray as close or as far away from the project with the confidence that you won't have running paint. This sprayer is perfect for crafts, hobbies, DIYer's.

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