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Size 1-5 Metal Case Double Edged Screw Extractor Set 5 Parts

Size 1-5 Metal Case Double Edged Screw Extractor Set 5 Parts

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Set contains size 1-5 screw extractors in a metal case, great for storage . 4 double-edged cutting/gripping edges for 8 points of contact . For both left and right hand threads . Non-slip engagement removes even the toughest frozen bolts . Tip has a center point so no additional center punch is required when centering the drill hole . For unscrewing ruined screws and bolts without damaging threads . Chrome vanadium steel, hardened . Surface burnished with polished cutting edges

Nothing is more frustrating than when work is brought to a halt when a screw or bolt breaks on the job. We now have a solution for you with the Rennsteig double-edged bolt extractors, which represent a new generation of tools to easily remove damaged screws and bolts. With the German quality, reusable double-edged bolt extractors that make 8 points of contact and can be used for both left and right handed threads, you can now save the day and get back to work in just 5 easy steps. First, mark the center point for your drill hole using the tip on the extractor. Second, drill a hole in the bolt. Third, drive the bolt extractor into the bore hole until the cutting edges are in full contact with the bolt. Fourth, use a wrench, pliers or socket to remove the bolt out of the thread hole. Lastly, after unscrewing, remove the damaged screw or bolt from the extractor. With multiple sizes available these screw extractors are ideal to have on hand in order to be prepared for the unexpected broken bolt or screw.

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