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1-gal. Paver Cleaner

1-gal. Paver Cleaner

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Remove stains, stubborn efflorescence and surface discolorations that accumulate throughout the winter and during in-season use . Can be safely used on pavers, brick, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, block, stucco and other similar surfaces . Will remove light efflorescence, rust and stains, without etching, pitting or damaging the surface, mortar joints or grout . Can be used full strength for heavy duty cleaning or diluted with equal parts water for light duty cleaning

Artisan Paver Cleaner is a newly developed product for cleaning and maintaining most concrete and clay masonry surfaces. This product replaces conventional mineral and organic acids, which are too aggressive for the surface being cleaned, as well as for the applicator. It is a non-fuming, phosphate free product that is 2 to 10 times more effective than other acids when dissolving salts and other common contaminates, without the hazards that are inherent with commonly used acids. Artisan also contains an inhibitor that minimizes iron staining and a special surfactant that provides superior detergency properties. The surfactant helps this product penetrate the surface aids with the removal of light grease and oil stains. It does not contain any hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, bleach, abrasives, caustic, mineral acids or petroleum distillates.

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