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1-gal. Penetrating Water Repellant

1-gal. Penetrating Water Repellant

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  • $ 3397

Ideal for pavers, brick, and masonry water repellent . V.O.C. Compliant . U.V. Stabile . 1 gal. container

Artisan Building Restoration Products are blended with the most effective ingredients, combining ease of use, safety and the environment. All Artisan products meet or exceed all V.O.C. regulations and do not contain any muriatic, hydrochloric, nitric or sulfuric acids that present chemical exposure and handling problems for the applicators that could potentially harm or degrade masonry. The Artisan Penetrating Water Repellent is water based breathable repellent that provides superior protection against water infiltration. Unprotected surfaces are susceptible to cracking, spilling, and efflorescence. This product does not change the appearance of the surface and is non-film forming.

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