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20 Watt Solar-Powered Roof Attic Fan

20 Watt Solar-Powered Roof Attic Fan

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  • $ 44165

Lowers your energy costs from attic temperatures that can exceed 160-degree F heating up air-condition ducting and radiating heat into your home forcing your air conditioning to work harder . Adjustable solar panel allows capture of as much available sunlight as possible through orientation of the solar panel . Tested to withstand winds over 150 mph . Thermal switch included . Ventilates up to 2400 sq. ft. of attic space . High Quality Protection Plan: . . . . . link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/br /br /table tbody tr tda href="" target="_blank"img src="" alt="solar attic fan tax credit" class="center"//a/td /tr tr tdimg src="" alt="solar attic fan summer"/ /td/trtrtdimg src="" alt="Solar attic fan winter"//td/tr/tbody/table

The new professional grade, 20-Watt solar panel with heavy duty ABS fan shroud and 20-galvanized steel housing and flashing. Will ventilate up to 2400 sq. ft. of attic space with a single fan. The smooth-air deflector in the shroud of the fan produces a smoother air flow and increases exhaust performance by up to 30% from previous models. This solar powered attic fan is our most powerful and efficient model yet.

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