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SunFan 10 Watt Solar Powered Attic Fan

SunFan 10 Watt Solar Powered Attic Fan

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  • $ 31900

Ventilates up to 1250 sq. ft. . Hail resistant solar panel - Severe weather tested . Eligible for 30 percent federal tax credit with many states, local and utility rebates available . Easy to install with no electrician, permits, or inspections required Installation Customer Service Avaliable - 1-877-508-7786 . Award winning best sustainable product of 2011 from builder news and best of show at 2011 national hardware show . Rodent screen keeps unwanted pests out of attic space . Compatible with Solar Controller for monitoring attic temperature and humidity with the ability to power the fan into the evenings . . . .

The Solar Powered Attic Fan from U.S. Sunlight helps remove heat and moisture from the attic to lower utility bills and increase building material life. Ventilates up to 1250 sq. ft. with free solar energy. The fan reduces attic temperature, lowering air conditioning bills and removes moisture reducing mold and mildew. Eligible for a 30 Percent federal tax credit and many local utility and municipality rebates.

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