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Roomaid Auto Adapter Kit for Table Top HEPA Filter System

Roomaid Auto Adapter Kit for Table Top HEPA Filter System

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The Auto kit comes with a 12-Volt DC Adapter that plugs right into your cigarette lighter to power your Roomaid Portable Filter, as well as a seat belt Clip (to secure the Roomaid in one spot) . Whether you’re hitting the asphalt for a road trip or sitting in stop-and-go on your way to the office, regardless of how fast you’re getting there, you can breathe the cleanest air . You can even stop for guilty pleasure drive-thru fries and no one riding in the car later will be the wiser . Generally speaking, the more air changes per hour (ACH) you can provide, the more effective a filter can be using the car kit, the Roomaid can provide up to 32 ACH for a compact car, 16 ACH for a Medium Size, 10 ACH for small SUVs. These figures are based on volume calculations alone, any outside air introduced into the cabin (like open windows, or through the ventilation system) will change the ACH received

Breathe cleaner while you drive with the Auto Adapter kit for the Roomaid portable air filtration system by AmairCare. This unit fits the Roomaid portable systems #2001301 and 2001302, and are ideal for hotel bedrooms, any size car, RVs and Motor homes. JAG Plumbing Products, based in Ontario Canada, is proud to be the distributor of this Canadian Manufactured high quality air system and accessories. Protect your family from dust, pollen, bacteria, animal dander, attached viruses, cigarette smoke, radon daughters and more - even when you travel. This kit provides an auto adapter kit as well as the seatbelt clip which attaches to the bottom of the Roomaid (to prevent damage and provide secure placement on the seat of the vehicle). The Team at JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS scours North America to bring The High Quality customers unique, hard to find items of the highest quality - AmairCare: cleaning the air you breathe.

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