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Ambiance 24-Volt LED Clear Festoon Lamp (3000K)

Ambiance 24-Volt LED Clear Festoon Lamp (3000K)

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  • $ 1320

Includes glow in the dark remote control and lamp plug-in . Remote activates lamp plug-in to turn lamps on or off . Controls up to 300 watt incandescent lighting . Remotes uses A23 12-volt battery - included

The Sea Gull Lighting Lx LED Festoons light ambiance lx lamp in is the perfect way to achieve your desired fashion or functional needs in your home. Ambiance Lx LED Festoons are dimmable on magnetic and electronic low-voltage systems. Upgrading to Ambiance Lx LED Festoons from 5x Xenon Festoons realizes over 80% energy savings without compromising light output.

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