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Adjustable Rip Fence Circular Saw

Adjustable Rip Fence Circular Saw

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  • $ 897

Gives your rough carpentry tool the precision of a table saw . Fence plate travels along the edge of a board to make precise lengthwise cuts . Steel construction offers lasting durability . Accurately measures width of cut so you don't have to make manual measurements on your workpiece . Includes screw and wing nut

Use your rough carpentry tool in precise fashion with this Adjustable Circular Saw Rip Fence from Skil. It keeps the saw blade moving down a straight path when cutting along the length of a board, thereby eliminating the need to measure and mark a cutline before each rip. Just pass the fence through the fittings on the front of your saw, set the desired distance from the edge of the plank and you’re ready to perform repeated cuts.

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