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Groom Tool for Dyson Vacuums

Groom Tool for Dyson Vacuums

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  • $ 6044

Suitable for medium or long haired dogs . Slicker bristles positioned at 35 . Captures allergens during grooming . Remove loose dog hair from the coat before it's shed around the home . Collect loose dog hair during grooming . Self-cleaning removes hair from the bristles and into the vacuum

The Dyson Groom Tool is a vacuum-assisted dog groomer. Slicker bristles remove loose hair directly from your dog before it's shed around the home. It then self-cleans, sucking hair from the bristles straight into your vacuum. Use the Dyson Groom Tool to collect loose and flyaway dog hair during grooming. Then simply release trigger to remove hair from the slicker bristles and into the vacuum. The slicker bristles retract for protection and cleanliness when the tool is not in use.

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