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12 in. Earth Staples/Ground Pins (20-Pieces)

12 in. Earth Staples/Ground Pins (20-Pieces)

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Use to secure ground cover sheets or fleeces . Large 1 in. head for heady handling . 4.5 in. in length . Made from heavy duty polypropylene

Planto's garden accessories are made with strong materials for durability and are designed for gardeners. The earth staples are for anchoring the bio mulch fleece on steep slopes, as an addition to the bio tree care set and for use in all places where tarps or fleece covers need to be anchored securely. These brown nails are made of environmentally friendly polypropylene material and are also strong enough to withstand hard knocks. The extra large nail head diameter also makes it easier to knock the nails into the ground. The long length means the nail remains in the ground. With a set of 10 earth nails, there is no need for any more covers to flap around in the wind.

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