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12/24-Volt 90/120 psi Sealed Pressure Switch

12/24-Volt 90/120 psi Sealed Pressure Switch

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Equipped with 1/8 in. NPT threaded pressure-sensing port (capped for protection remove before installation) . Twin 12-gauge lead wires allow up to 30-amps of power to be supplied directly to the pressure switch . Typical tolerance of all pressure switches is within +/- 5% of rated pressure meaning that acceptable working pressures range from 85 psi (turn-on) to 126 psi (turn-off) . This pressure switch is intended for use with all 12-volt or 24-volt pneumatic systems

Heavy Duty Sealed Pressure Switch 90-120 psi, provides a pre-set turn on and turn off pressure to take the guesswork out of operating air compressors when filling air tanks. When the air pressure in your air tank drops below 90 psi. The pressure switch will turn on and allow the compressor to fill your air tank to 120 psi, when the switch will automatically turn off. A 40-amp minimum rated relay is suggested for use to allow longest life.

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