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Inline Pressure Regulator

Inline Pressure Regulator

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  • $ 2529

Kit comes with a heavy duty 220 psi rubber-overmold gauge for durability and impact resistance . A positive-locking regulated air pressure adjustment knob makes adjustments simple . A T-fitting is supplied to allow the installation of up to two additional regulated pneumatic feeds . Supplied fittings include two 1/4 in. BSP adapters which are commonly used for air-locking differentials (automotive use), as well as a 1/4 in. NPT plug to cap off an unused port on the supplied T-fitting

The Inline Pressure Regulator Kit allows inline pressure adjustment/regulation from any air tank, to any pressure between 0 and 200 psi. Pressure regulation is necessary when operating air tools, since the pressure in your air tank is typically higher than the working pressure required by a specific air tool, or other application. Just pull out to adjust pressure, and press in to lock the adjustment in place.

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