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Roomaid Snap On Cartridge Replacement HEPA Filter for Air Purifiers in Black

Roomaid Snap On Cartridge Replacement HEPA Filter for Air Purifiers in Black

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The Roomaid's HEPA cartridge captures the smallest particulates. Over time (2-5 years) it will become clogged with particulates and significant airflow reductions will occur . It is recommended that you check your HEPA Filter every 2 years. Replace when outside surface of media is dark in colour. . This unit is the exact replacement for use with the AmairCare Roomaid Portable Air Filter model number 20001302 . This stage 2 filter targets: Pollen; Dust Mites; Pet Dander; Skin Flakes; Bacteria; Radon Progenies; Wood Smoke; Viruses; Tobacco Smoke; and Fungus Spores . This item is an easy to install 5.5 in. Snap-ON HEPA Cartridge that comes complete with installation instructions

Breathe cleaner with the Roomaid portable air filtration system by AmairCare. The Roomaid Snap-in replacement HEPA canister (5.5? SnapON HEPA Cartridge)fits the Roomaid Units sold on The High Quality (see parts 20001301 and 2001302). This kit comes with and easy to install replacement Hepa Filter Unit in a black housing. Now you can continue to clean your air and have years of worry free use. JAG Plumbing Products, based in Ontario Canada, is proud to be the distributor of this Canadian Manufactured high quality air system. Protect your family from dust, pollen, bacteria, animal dander, attached viruses, cigarette smoke, radon daughters and more. This kit provides a 3 stage V.O.C. filter (Volatile Organic Compounds) that removes hazardous V.O.C.s that may off-gas from things made with chemicals such as cleaners, paints, carpets, and furniture. The Team at JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS scours North America to bring The High Quality customers unique, hard to find items of the highest quality - AmairCare: cleaning the air you breathe.

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