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Premium Flare Emergency Kit (60-Piece)

Premium Flare Emergency Kit (60-Piece)

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  • $ 2997

15 minute flares . Light sticks and bright safety vest, rain poncho . 2-19 piece first aid pouch . Premium jumper cable 8 ft. 10-Gauge . Shop cloths, knit gloves, nylon carrying case

Premium Roadside Flare Emergency Kit from leading safety company Orion Safety Products. This Emergency kit will keep you safe until help arrives with kit items to produce emergency signaling and lighting with 3-15 minute flares and 2 light sticks, first aid products, personal accessories to help you be seen such as a bright safety vest, automotive accessories such as a premium jumper cable 8 ft. 10-Gauge, combination tool, duct tape and cable ties. All stored in an easy to store nylon carrying case that fits in a tight storage space in your vehicle.

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