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Madison 49 Gal. Rain Barrel in Sandstone

Madison 49 Gal. Rain Barrel in Sandstone

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  • $ 14061

Elegant design with authentic granite look and rock like texture . Bottom fitting attachment allowing for access to 100% of water in unit . 4 ft. hose for simple accessibility of stored water . Dual water overflows to sufficiently allow water to escape rain barrel when full

No one needs to know it's a rain barrel. Algreen's Classically designed Madison offers a Striking new look and Authentic texture finish. Includes: Corrosion proof filter screen, garden hose with shutoff valve and hose hook, drain cap with garden hose fitting. Differentiate your garden decor with new upscale granite and stone finishes. Upgrade the Madison Rain Barrel to allow for water pressure to your garden with the purchase of a pressurized rain barrel fountain kit.

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