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Gutter Care and Cleaning Kit

Gutter Care and Cleaning Kit

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  • $ 1596

Makes a tough job quick and easy - just rake it, scoop it, toss it . Designed to work under and around gutter hangers and get to other hard to reach places . With the attachment of the 42 in. steel extension handle you can clean 14 ft. of gutter from each ladder position . Reach places where you can't place a ladder . Made from durable ABS, polypropylene and steel

The Kit consists of a gutter grabber gutter cleaning tool, a gutter getter scoop and a 42 in. steel extension handle. Use the gutter grabber to rake the debris to you and then scoop it out with the gutter getter scoop, much like a broom and dustpan for your gutters. The ABS and polypropylene gutter grabber is designed to clean even the hardest to clean gutters. Use the polypropylene gutter getter scoop to remove the debris that you have raked to you. The gutter getter is flexible and will fit any gutter while protecting hands from painful scrapes and scratches. Gutter cleaning is as easy as rake, scoop and toss. The tools clean up easily and will last for years.

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