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Infinity Saw Tooth #1

Infinity Saw Tooth #1

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  • $ 5999

Infinity saw tooth chuck jaw designed for aggressive holding of spigot (tenon) turnings like goblets, hollow form vases and urns . Saw tooth jaw best profile for a solid grip on spigot, capacity overlaps with #2 saw tooth jaws . Ideal for delicate, small diameter long stem turning with minimum vibration, both internal and external saw tooth grip available . Strongest holding for small and long stem work than any jaw in the NOVA traditional or infinity range . Also has external/internal dovetail to mount bowls to provide extension away from chuck face so inside/outside of small bowl can be turned . Quality material

The NOVA Infinity 8311 Saw Tooth Jaw #1 Accessory is an accessory item for the Infinity Quick Change system. The NOVA Infinity Quick Change delivers fast and positive jaw changes which are much faster and less hassle than the screw fastening method with the older NOVA chuck models and other chuck brands. The NOVA Infinity Jaw Key and Infinity Jaws Slides are a precision cast metal amalgam 3 times the tensile strength of machine grade steel. The Infinity Jaws use the well proven NOVA Dovetail Profile, designed to grip the wood firmly for added safety. The NOVA Infinity Saw Tooth Spigot #1 are capable of holding: Contracting Grip: Ranges from 29mm/1.142 in. - 36mm/1.417 in. (minimum on the NOVA Precision Midi Chuck) through to 29 mm/ 1.142 in. x 63 mm/2.48 in. (maximum on the NOVA Titan II Chuck) for more sizes see the website. Expansion Grip: Ranges from 48.8 mm/1.921 in. x 55.8 mm/2.197 in. (minimum on the NOVA Precision Midi Chuck) through to 48.8 mm/ 1.921 in. 82.8 mm/3.26 in. (maximum on the NOVA Titan II Chuck).

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