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Replacement Knob Shaft Extender (4-Pack)

Replacement Knob Shaft Extender (4-Pack)

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Cut at desired length with hacksaw, metal snips . Range Kleen replacement knob kits are available in chrome, black and white . Range Kleen replacement knob kits are available for electric or gas ranges, single and 4-pack . Various size and color adapters included in all replacement knob kits

Range Kleen Replacement Knob Shaft Extender 4-pack gives the desired length for your range knob. Range Kleen offers a Universal Gas or Electric Range Replacement Kit that may require extra length on the back of the knob. Some of our replacement knob kits may not fit the length of the shaft properly so the Knob Shaft Extender is available to help with fit. Installation instructions are included in the kit. Extender can be cut to fit to work with various types of range shafts, then the adapter goes on then the knob on top of the adapter, then the overlay on top of the knob.

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