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Iris Laevigata Snowdrift Bog Plant

Iris Laevigata Snowdrift Bog Plant

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Easy to grow . Excellent and striking additions to cut flower arrangements . Winter hardy . Attracts both butterflies and birds to the edge of your pond or water garden, deer resistant . Prefer full sun . Grows 18 in. to 36 in. tall . Plant 12 in. apart . Perennial in zones 4-9 . Growing instructions: bog and marginal water plants do best in shallow water up to 6 in. deep and should be planted after the spring chill has subsided, to make planting easy, our bog and marginal plants come in a special drop and grow net bag, each containing the rhizome and planting fiber, simply remove the net bag from the plastic bag, place/plant the net bag at the water’s edge and cover it with the pond’s soil, in zone 6 or warmer, the plants can be left in place and not moved at all during the winter months, fertilize in spring and summer, removing yellow leaves and spent flowers regularly

Plant Iris laevigata 'Snowdrift' along the edges of water features in the garden and you'll think freshly fallen snow surrounds your pond. Large, double, pure white flowers have six petals with pale lilac markings. Blooming in late spring to early summer, their sword-shaped foliage is similar to that of its other Iris relatives. Intermingled with Iris Black Gamecock, they'll provide a pleasing and dramatic border.

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