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Nymphaea Lily Laydekeri Fulgens Water Plant

Nymphaea Lily Laydekeri Fulgens Water Plant

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Plant itself will help supply oxygen to the water while assisting in minimizing algae blooms . Pre-planted in a weighted net bag to protect the tuber from being eaten by fish . Simply drop the plant in the desired place in the pond . Water lily Laydekeri Fulgens is winter hardy and once placed in the pond it will survive harsh winters as long as the tuber remains below the ice level of the pond, dormancy will end when the water warms . Prefer full sun . Grows 6 in. tall . Plant 5 ft. apart . Perennial in zones 3-11 . Growing instructions: water lilies require sun to grow properly, they begin to bloom when water temperatures reach 60?F and will bloom year round in frost-free regions, because they do not like heavy water movement, place them away from streams and waterfalls, to make planting easy, our water lilies come in a special drop and grow net bag, each containing the rhizome, rocks and planting fiber, simply remove the net bag from the plastic holding bag and drop it into a part of the pond deep enough to be below the ice line, if any, the depth of the water should not be less than 2 ft. nor more than 4 ft. fertilize in spring and summer, removing yellow leaves and spent flowers regularly

Water Lily Laydekeri Fulgens, which completes its life cycle in the water, is a true aquatic plant. Cup-shaped flowers with flecked petals of crimson red have fire-engine red stamens and bloom atop purplish-green leaves splotched with dark purple. Laydekeri Fulgens water lilies are among the first to bloom in spring, and they continue to bloom often until early fall. During the heat of the day, the 5-7 pads of a single plant will provide much-needed shade for aquatic life.

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