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Cascata 65 Gal. Rain Barrel in Slate Grey

Cascata 65 Gal. Rain Barrel in Slate Grey

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  • $ 20900

Elegant design with authentic pottery like texture . Crown Planter with double wall for durability . Spigot for easy access to water along with bottom fitting connections . 6 ft. garden hose with hose hanger

The Algreen Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System combines the timeless aesthetic elegance of ceramics with the enduring durability of modern plastics. This 65 gal. rainsaver is constructed from tough, roto molded plastic able to withstand extreme temperatures and will not chip, fade or crack over time. The rain barrel comes with a 6 ft. garden hose with shutoff nozzle, corrosion-proof screen guard, brass spigot and easily removable crown planter on top. The hose hangs neatly on the attached hook. The rain barrel measures 24 in. x 46 in.

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