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0.88 oz. Concrete Pharmacy Set Control

0.88 oz. Concrete Pharmacy Set Control

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Customize your cement mixture . Provide more working time . Convenient packets allow for easy control of dosage . Easy to use . Compatible with all Rapid Set cement products

Rapid Set SET Control slows down the setting time of cement giving you more time to place and finish your concrete, mortar, and grout materials. Extra time is often needed when making large or intricate placement of more than one cubic foot of grout, mortar, or concrete. SET Control works to slow down the hardening of cement in warm weather. 1 packet of SET Control will extend the setting time by about 20 minutes in normal conditions. Use up to 4 packets per 50- to 60-lb. bag of Rapid Set. SET Control is designed for use with Rapid Set cement products and most other packaged hydraulic cements.

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