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2-Amp Power Supply for LED Strips

2-Amp Power Supply for LED Strips

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  • $ 1899

Built in on/off switch . 4 ft. cord . Compatible with the entire EnlightenLEDs indoor lineup . White color blends seamlessly with any decor . Plugs into almost any 110-volt household power outlet . Supports 5 36 in. strips, 16 12 in. strips

The source of power for all EnlightenLEDs products, the LED Power Supply comes in a smooth white finish to blend in with any decor. Compatible with almost all household 110V outlets, the LED Power Supply ensures our 12V strips have the optimal amount of power for brightness and longevity. Manufactured in the same first rate facilities as our LED strips, EnlightenLEDs exclusively uses the best raw material and carefully examines the manufacturing process to ensure quality. Cutting edge equipment, the best trained operators and technicians as well as rigorous testing assures a top quality final product. With EnlightenLEDs a superior product is expertly delivered for an exceptional value.

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