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Water Plant Floater Kit

Water Plant Floater Kit

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Pond plants provide colorful flowers and decorative leaves in ponds and water gardens from early spring through early autumn . Foliage provides much-needed shade and shelter for aquatic life . Pond plants assist in minimizing algae blooms and help to supply much-needed oxygen to the water . Different varieties grown together provide maximum effect . Winter hardy, you don't have to remove the plants from the pond or water garden during the winter . Growing instructions, fill the included basket with about 6.6 lbs. of aquatic potting soil; leave at least 1/2 in. of space between the soil level and the rim of the planter; plant the 3 marginal about 1 in. below the surface of the soil; slowly submerge the basket into the pond, allowing time for the soil to absorb water; use the 4 loops on the basket to connect additional baskets or simply tie the loops together in one position in the pond . Plant 12 in. to 5 ft. apart . Growing instructions: water lilies: water lilies require sun to grow, they begin to bloom when water temperatures reach 60?F and will bloom year round in frost-free regions, because they do not like heavy water movement, place them away from streams and waterfalls, to make planting easy, our water lilies come in a special drop and grow net bag, each containing the rhizome, rocks and planting fiber, simply remove the net bag from the plastic holding bag and drop it into a part of the pond deep enough to be below the ice line, if any, the depth of the water should not be less than 2 ft. nor more than 4 ft. fertilize in spring and summer, removing yellow leaves and spent flowers regularly, bog and marginal plants: bog and marginal water plants do best in shallow water up to 6 in. deep and should be planted after the spring chill has subsided, to make planting easy, our bog and marginal plants come in a special drop and grow net bag, each containing the rhizome and planting

The Bloomsz Waterplant Floater Kit provides a unique approach to adding marginal plants to water gardens and water features. The included basket is used to plant the 3 included varieties and help to maintain the desired position along the edge of the water garden or pond. Additional floaters (baskets) can be easily attached or placed anywhere desired. Each of the three included plants will add texture and vertical accent to the pond. Typha, also called "cattails," grow 24 in. - 30 in. tall. Their main flowering period is May-June, but they may also flower again in August. Anemopsis is a low-growing groundcover that lays flat and forms mats of large, waxy, gray/green leaves that resemble rosettes. Yellow cone-shaped spikes emerge amid the leaves and develop white petal-like bracts that form beautiful flowers from spring through summer. When the weather is warm, the plant emits a distinct, musty, spicy fragrance. Hottuynia is best known for its chameleon-like colorations of green through yellow or red. Heart-shaped leaves can grow up to 15 in. tall and bear showy white flowers in May through June. Resembling English Ivy, its colors brighten when grown in full sun.

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