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20-Cup Classic Grain Mill

20-Cup Classic Grain Mill

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  • $ 20599

20-cup capacity . World's first variable texture control mill for creating fine or course flour . Grinds non-oily grains with precision grain feed control; No gumming, no overheating, no jamming, no hassle . Multi-channel air flow for better motor cooling and longer mill life, self cleaning milling chamber that is easy to use . Mills 20-cups in 5 minutes . High Quality Protection Plan:

Why mill your own flour, when it's so readily available, Milling your own flour not only ensures that your flour is as nutritious as it can be, it has a wonderful taste that is lost to commercially made whole-grain flour. Whole grains are important for numerous reasons: strokes, heart attacks, clogged arteries and cardiovascular problems can be prevented when whole grains are eaten regularly. NutriMill is a wonderful way to add nutritious grains to your healthy diet. With its 20-Cup capacity, variable texture control, quiet operation and easy to use self-cleaning milling chamber, you're minutes away from that first batch of fresh-baked bread.

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