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Parrot Tulip Flaming Parrot Flower Bulb (8-Pack)

Parrot Tulip Flaming Parrot Flower Bulb (8-Pack)

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Easy to grow, carefree . Excellent cut flower . Grow 18 in. to 22 in. tall . Bloom mid-spring . Hardy in zones 3-8 . Growing instructions: plant tulips outdoors in the fall about 6 to 8 weeks before the first hard frost, select a spot in the garden that receives full or afternoon sun and where the soil drains well, loosen the soil and plant the bulbs, pointy end up, approximately 6 in. to 8 in. deep and 5 in. apart, tamp down the soil and water well after planting, leave the foliage intact and cut only the stems to use as cut flowers, foliage should be left to die back naturally as it provides the nutrients the bulb will need to grow and flower the following year . Planting tip: for a more natural look, plant tulips in clusters rather than in straight lines, remember that tulips do not like excessive moisture and should not be planted where they are watered by irrigation systems

What gives a Parrot Tulip its name, take a look at our stunning Flaming Parrot tulips and the answer is easy - the feathered and ruffled edges of each petal resemble the wings of parrots. With their bright sunny yellow petals with random blood-red flames and yellow bases, they'll definitely add a tropical flair to garden borders and beds. As the flowers mature, the bright sunny yellow slowly transforms to creamy white with brilliant red flames. Their strong, sturdy stems make them perfect choices for eye-catching cut-flower arrangements.

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