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Daffodil Ice Follies Flower Bulb (8-Pack)

Daffodil Ice Follies Flower Bulb (8-Pack)

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Amazingly easy to grow, carefree and naturalizing, excellent cut flower . Deer, rabbit and drought resistant . Grow 16 in. to 18 in. tall . Bloom mid-spring . Hardy in zones 3-9 . Growing instructions: select a spot in the garden that receives full sun to part shade where the soil drains well, loosen the soil, and plant the bulbs, pointy end up, approximately 6 in. deep and 4 in. to 6 in. apart, tamp down the soil and water well after planting, foliage should be left to die back naturally as it provides the nutrients the bulb will need to grow and flower the following year, bulbs may also be planted in containers and tubs at the same depth . Planting tip: for a more natural look, plant daffodils in clusters rather than in straight lines, to achieve a naturalized look, they can also be planted in the lawn, toss handfuls of bulbs onto the desired area of the lawn and plant them where they fall, just don't mow the lawn until the leaves of the daffodils have died down

Whether planted in beds and borders, around shrubs or beneath deciduous trees, Ice Follies Daffodils will bloom consistently from year to year. Large, shimmering white outer petals surround a funnel-shaped, frilly yellow inner cup that fades to creamy white as the flowers mature. Each stem bears a single 4 in. flower emerging amid long, rich green strap-shaped foliage. Be ready for compliments when they're used as focal points in cut flower arrangements.

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