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6 ft. x 100 ft. Heavy Black Sun Screen

6 ft. x 100 ft. Heavy Black Sun Screen

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  • $ 14900

Provides shade, privacy and wind screen . Lowers temperatures by as much as 15° . Variety of uses . Cleans easily with a garden hose . Our sun screen accessories (locking clips, locking ties, wood fasteners and snap grommets help to create the finished look you desire

One of our most popular products and for good reason Easy Gardener Sun Screen Fabrics helps you keep your cool when temperatures soar. Sun Screen Fabric is a versatile solution for all who want to enjoy the outdoors without risking too much sun and heat exposure. The innovative, breathable fabric will allow heat to escape while cooling the area and reduce temperatures up to 15°. Enhance privacy as you create shade just about anywhere, from patios and porches to children’s play areas, pet shelters, and around decks and pools. Using Sun Screen Fabric over air conditioning units enables them to work more efficiently, and as a window screen, Sun Screen Fabric helps decrease your utility bills. Sun Screen Fabric is easy to install, long-lasting, and cleans easily with a garden hose.

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