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5 LED Headlamp with Adjustable Strap

5 LED Headlamp with Adjustable Strap

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  • $ 711

5 Super bright LED lights . Securely attaches to head, hat or helmet with adjustable head strap . Adjustable light inclination . Light weight and compact . Extensive led lifetime of up to 100,000 hours . Dimensions (approx.): 8.375 x 6 x 2.875 in. . Includes retail packaging

This amazing Stalwart 5 Bulb LED Headlamp allows you to work hands free under even the darkest conditions. Straps directly to your head, hat or helmet to provide light wherever your line of sight. The light and compact construction of this amazing device enables you to work in nearly any conditions by simply strapping on the Super Bright 5 Bulb LED Headlamp.Five super bright LED lights will light up whatever you’re working on no matter how dark it is. Stop fumbling with flashlights and use both hands to get the job done.

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