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Ledgestone 42 in. Fire Pit Additional Layer Kit Brown

Ledgestone 42 in. Fire Pit Additional Layer Kit Brown

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  • $ 9099

Kit includes 4 blocks to make one complete additional layer . Additional layer measures 47.5 in. wide and 4 in. height . Purchase multiple additional layers to raise your ledgestone fire pit ring kit more than 4 in. . Interlocking wall sections for easy installation . Modification needs to be made to the ledgestone fire pit ring kit, add more sand inside the kit to build up the steel ring, this will keep all top layers of concrete blocks protected by the steel ring . Easy handling, 40 lbs. per piece . Available in multiple colors

Enhance your outdoor living space with our Ledgestone Fire Pit Collection. This Ledgestone Fire Pit Additional Layer Kit is an additional row of the Fire Pit Wall blocks to increase the height of your Ledgestone Fire Pit Ring Kit by 4 in. Assembly is simple, quick and easy. Also available in multiple colors.

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