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1.85 gal. Air Washing Humidifier

1.85 gal. Air Washing Humidifier

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  • $ 28114

Delivers up to 3.17 gal. per day of humidification . Combination filter (HEPA plus carbon) . PlasmaWave technology . CleanCel antimicrobial coating . Slide out water tank . Ultra quiet operation . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Humidipür Triple Action Humidifier uses impeller technology to simultaneously humidify and purify air, while the safe PlasmaWave technology provides around the clock air quality protection from a wide range of air pollutants, bacteria and odors at the molecular level. During operation, a fan draws room air into the unit and initially passes through a HEPA + Carbon Combination Filter that absorbs household odors and removes hair, lint, and captures 99.5% of airborne particles, including pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust, and smoke. Next, the Cleancel antimicrobial discs collect any additional airborne particulate matter and allergens drawn by the fan. Air pollutants are rinsed off as the cleaning discs rotate through the water and collected by the Cleancel water tank. The cleaning disc and water tank’s antimicrobial properties ensure a 99.9% reduction of bacteria, fungi and mold growth. As the cleaning discs continue to spin, the water is broken into fine droplets that are directed by the air flow to the final stage in the air washing process. PlasmaWave safely supplements air treatment performance by generating dual polarity ions that attach to water vapor molecules in the air to neutralize odors, gases, chemicals and other harmful pollutants resulting in the freshest, most comfortable air for your home.

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