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25 oz. Repel Glass Cleaner

25 oz. Repel Glass Cleaner

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  • $ 498

Repels hard water spots, oil, grime, dust, fingerprints, smudges, soap scum and mineral stains on all glass . Shower doors, glass facades, windows, mirrors, tables, partitions, toughened glass, laminates, sand blasted glass, solar panels and many more hard surfaces . Repel makes glass almost self-cleaning . Storage-stable, solvent-free spray and wipe product is non-toxic to users and is earth safe

Repel cleans glass to a streak free shine. It also simultaneously protects glass and other surfaces with a water, soil and stain repellent nano-scale barrier coating. The nano-scale barrier coating dramatically reduces the adhesion and buildup of soil and grime for easier cleaning.

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