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21x7.00-10 2-Ply ATV Tire

21x7.00-10 2-Ply ATV Tire

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  • $ 7697

Tire only, rim sold separately . Non-highway use only . Max is the first front rib tire designed for ATV use . Each knob is reinforced for superior tacking and cornering . 2-ply rating; 205 lbs. load capacity . Tubeless

All Kenda ATV tires have been designed to be puncture resistant, not only in the tread area, but also the side wall. Each tire has also been compounded with a special tear and snag resistant material that not only extends tread life, but protects the tire against punctures from sharp objects as well. Most of our ATV tires feature a built-in rim guard that protects your rim and keeps dirt from wedging between the tire and the rim.

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