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Rotary Accessory Kit (108-Piece)

Rotary Accessory Kit (108-Piece)

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Comes with re-useable storage case and 110 accessories . Clear lid, 8 storage bins and removable trays make accessories easy to locate . Can stand upright or hang on a wall by hook . Ideal for cutting, sanding, polishing, grinding and cleaning . A complete start-up kit for the new Dremel rotary tool user . Includes: (12) 409 cut-off wheels, (12) 420 cut-off wheels, 426 fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel, 540 cut-off wheel, (4) 414 1/4 in. felt polishing wheels, 421 polishing compound, (4) 429 1 in. felt polishing wheels, 952 aluminum oxide grinding stone, 953 aluminum oxide grinding stone, 83142 silicon carbide grinding stone, 84922 silicon carbide grinding stone, 407 1/2 in. 60-grit sanding band and mandrel, (6) 408 1/2 in. 60-grit sanding band, (6) 432 1/2 in. 120-grit sanding band, (13) 412 3/4 in. 220-grit sanding disks, (12) 413 3/4 in. 240-grit sanding disks, 430 1/4 in. 60-grit sanding band and mandrel, (6) 431 1/4 in. 60-grit sanding band, (15) 411 3/4 in. 180-grit sanding disks, (5) 438 1/4 in. 120-grit sanding band, 415 dressing stone, 191 high speed cutter, (2) 401 mandrels, 402 screw mandrel and wrench . "Click here to connect to the world’s most talented & novice DIYers in one community. Share, Learn, Connect, and Inspire. Craft. Fix. Build. Join Now "

This 108-Piece Accessory Kit provides the organized storage of popular Dremel accessories to perform a wide range of applications. This accessory set offers reusable storage bins and lift-out trays for easy organization of the included accessories for cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, cleaning and more. The kit consists of regular and heavy-duty cut off wheels, sanding bands, sandpaper discs, polishing compound, felt polishing wheels, aluminum oxide Grinding Stone, silicon carbide Grinding Stone, dressing stone, mandrels, wrench, and a reusable carrying case with clear lid.

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