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Fireblock Foam 12 oz. Polyurethane Foam Sealant (9-Pack)

Fireblock Foam 12 oz. Polyurethane Foam Sealant (9-Pack)

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Quickly fills large gaps, cracks and openings . Orange color for easy code official identification . Evaluated per ICC-ES report ESR-1868 . High yield; 1-12 oz. can yields up to 15-28 oz. caulk tubes

DAP Fireblock Foam is a polyurethane foam sealant that can be used in place of traditional fireblock materials. Fireblock foam is ideal for filling large gaps around vents, ducts, pipes, and wires. It can also be used for stair/ floor joints; and wall joints at the ceiling and floor level. The foam expands 2-1/2 to 3 times its dispensed size. It meets ASTM E-84 (12.5%): Flame spread = 25; Smoke development = 50. UL Classified – File # R13919 Caulking and Sealants. Product is for Type V residential construction, to be used as a through penetration sealant. It is tested in accordance with ASTM E-814 (modified) to establish that the product is equivalent in performance to the fireblocking materials prescribed in the applicable code. It is evaluated by ICC-ES Report ESR-1868. Check with local code compliance authorities prior to use. DAP Fireblock Foam is not for commercial/ industrial code applications or for E-814 applications or assemblies (i.e., not for one/two hour fire-rated walls and floors). It is not a fire stopping sealant and contains no formaldehyde.

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