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Tulip World Expression & Tulip Kingsblood Dormant Bulbs (48-Pack)

Tulip World Expression & Tulip Kingsblood Dormant Bulbs (48-Pack)

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Excellent for cut flowers . Beautiful in pots . Height: world expression 22-24 in. . Height: kingsblood 14-16 in. . Image shows plant at maturity . Item ships as dormant bulb . Plant in full sun . Hardy zones 4-8

Tulip World Expression is a true eye catcher. This dainty variety has a bold red base with flame-like streaks beginning from the base to the top of the tulip. The large blooms begin as a soft yellow with faint red streaks. As the bulb matures, the blooms turn from a soft yellow to a snow white hue while the streaks become more prominent and bold. Tall, strong stems hold these large phenomenal blooms making them ideal for borders or arrangements. Tulip Kingsblood has rich burgundy blooms that have been a favorite for centuries. Its strong stems hold these large blooms above many other varieties. Together World Expression and Kingsblood make a show-stopping duo. Kingblood’s bold blooms complement World Expression’s flame-like streaks. This pair is exquisite when planted together in containers, borders, or when used as a floral arrangement.

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