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Tulip Claudia Dormant Bulbs (20-Pack)

Tulip Claudia Dormant Bulbs (20-Pack)

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Excellent for cut flowers . Great in pots . Item ships as dormant bulbs . Image shows plant at maturity

Tulips are bulbous plants composed of more than one hundred different species. They are spring blooming bulbs and make excellent cut flowers. Tulips come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They make an excellent addition to gardens or beds and look breathtaking in masses. Tulips can also be planted in containers or used in arrangements as cut flowers. They’re available in a variety of different bloom times to suit anyone’s needs. Tulip Claudia is a graceful purple lily flowering tulip with white broad edging. Distinguished narrow leaves along with pointed artistic blooms make this tulip a beauty to see. Plant these blooms in sheltered areas and use in borders, beds or cut flower arrangements.

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