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BRK Photo-Electric Hardwired Smoke Detector with Strobe Light Alarm

BRK Photo-Electric Hardwired Smoke Detector with Strobe Light Alarm

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  • $ 10300

Strobe flashes when there’s smoke . Interconnects with other alarms without wires . Dust cover keeps the sensor from getting dirty . Powerful 177 candela xenon strobe light provides effective visual warning to hearing impaired residents . 1-device includes both strobe light and photoelectric smoke alarm and requires only one electrical box . Comes with a 10 year limited warranty

The BRK Hardwired Smoke Alarm detects smoldering fires and has a strobe light alarm (with sound). The strobe satisfies the ADA approved strobe compliancy. This alarm also has photoelectric smoke sensing technology that reduces false alarms and sense the least bit of smoke. This alarm will sound if it detects smoke even during power outages since it has an AAA-battery backup. Other features include 360? sensor access, a dust cover and smart technology that helps reduce false alarms. The 7010BSL features a perfect mount system and a latching alarm indicator that indicates which device initiated the alarm. This device can be connected to other alarms for a whole-house safety system. The Hardwired Smoke Alarm is warranted to the original purchaser for a period of 10 years. BRK invests time and research into providing dependable and hardworking products. Committed to innovation and value, First Alert improves safety in and around the house.

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