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5 Gal. Crystal Cleaner/Degreaser

5 Gal. Crystal Cleaner/Degreaser

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Powerful, all-purpose cleaning and degreasing with no added color or scent . NSF registered A1, A2, A4, A8, B1, C1 . Non-toxic and readily Bio-degradable formula is VOC compliant, butyl-free and phosphate-free . Non-abrasive, non-corrosive and clean-rinsing formula can be used on floors, carpets, counters, walls and more . Trusted non-flammable & non-corrosive cleaner is a safer alternative to caustic cleaners & solvents . Exempt from EPA special handling and personal protection requirements for hazardous materials . Clean rinsing formula meets rinsability standards (validates below 10 parts per million) to support facilities following good manufacturing practices . Cost-effective concentrate can be used manually or with cleaning equipment . High performance cleaning power easily cuts through tough grease, oils, built-up grime and residue on equipment, machinery and manufactured parts . Clean rinsing formula is perfect for surface prep prior to painting, plating or welding . Can be easily and economically diluted for use in floor scrubbers, dip tanks, carpet extractors, pressure washers, parts washers, steam extractors and foamers . Powerful enough for intense grime, while gentle enough for continued maintenance of high-traffic areas . Ideal for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, MRO, food processing, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical, electronic and more . NSF registered for use as a general cleaner in all food processing facility areas including cooking and smoking equipment, floors, walls, utensils and laundry

Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser is a powerful, industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser formulated for critical cleaning applications that demand high performance from a fragrance and color-free solution. This highly-trusted cleaner utilizes a clean-rinsing, non-toxic, non-flammable and bio-degradable formula. NSF registered. Exempt from EPA special handling and personal protection requirements for hazardous materials.

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