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185 sq. in. Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

185 sq. in. Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

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Control Master heat control allows for hands-free convenience by automatically maintaining an accurate cooking temperature . 185 sq. in. capacity allows you to prepare a variety of dishes . 16 in. base and high sidewalls provide stability and a large serving capacity . Can also be used as a buffet server with the tempered glass cover . Skillet can be fully immersed in water or cleaned in a dishwasher once the heat control is removed . Heavy-cast aluminum with a non-stick finish provides hassle-free cooking and a stylish appearance . Skillet is immersible and dishwasher-safe with the Control Master heat control removed . Heavy cast aluminum

The Presto 185 sq. in. Electric Skillet with Glass Cover allows you to make delicious dishes on its non-stick surface. The skillet features a 16 in. base for stability and high sidewalls so you can prepare a variety of dishes. The included tempered glass cover allows you to use the skillet as a buffet server and also helps prevent splattering while cooking. The skillet automatically adjusts to an ideal temperature with Control Master heat control and can be easily cleaned when you remove the heat control.

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