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ExitPoint XL300 Through-Hole Drill Guide

ExitPoint XL300 Through-Hole Drill Guide

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Scans through most types of non-magnetic building materials, such as wood, drywall, gypsum panels, bricks, and poured concrete . 2 scan modes for more accurate detection . Normal mode scans through conventional interior walls up to 4.53 in. thick . DeepScan mode scans through materials up to 11.81 in. thick . Comes fully equipped with handheld receiver, small and large transmitter magnets (2), reusable adhesive discs (9), AAA batteries (3), quick reference guide and protective carrying case . Can also use tool as an indoor and outdoor stud finder

Accurately detect exit points before drilling and coring with the Zircon ExitPoint XL300 through-hole drill guide. The XL300 is the easiest and fastest way to locate a precise spot, without measuring, before you start your project. This simple, yet effective, tool save times and money by eliminating guesswork, rework, unnecessary holes and costly broken drill bits. Ideal for cable (and wire) installations, concrete scanning, and anytime through-hole drilling is required.

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