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12 oz. Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover

12 oz. Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover

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Removes red wine stains from both fresh and dried stains, use on carpet, clothing, upholstery, furniture, car interior, flooring . Wine away is ready to use - when you need it "there's no mixing involved," just spray, wait and voila . Works great on coffee, pet accidents, sport drink stains, blood, and ink . Has a fresh citrus scent and is readily biodegradable and does not contain bleach or phosphate . Good housekeeping institute gave it the best overall red wine stain remover rating

Wine Away red wine stain remover (12 oz. bottle) is the number one choice for removing red wine stains from carpet, clothing and upholstery. Whether you're "Phyllis-Spiller" or just have the occasional wine blunder, the 12 oz. spray bottle is the perfect size for tackling those red wine stains on your carpet, clothing or furniture. Made in the USA.

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