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80 lb. Crack Resistant Concrete Mix

80 lb. Crack Resistant Concrete Mix

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  • $ 560

Excellent for building walks, drives, footings and steps . High early strength is ideal for cold weather applications . Achieves 5000 PHI . Just add water . Note: Product may vary by store

With this stucco, quality is assured. These stucco products come from the best raw materials available. Cement stucco colors create a permanent integral finish when used in concrete, stucco and mortars. They are alkali resistant and disperse evenly to provide consistent coloration. You can use the colors, at varying proportions, to create an array of different color in the mix. To test for the final result, place the wet mix on a white piece of paper and dry it out with a blow dryer. To properly mix cement colors, place the dry color into the mixing water and measure your water so you have even colors from batch to batch.

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