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ET-5 4ft. HDMI Cable - Black

ET-5 4ft. HDMI Cable - Black

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Silver-Clad Solid Copper Conductors virtually eliminate strand interaction. Eliminating strand interaction reduces distortion to the original signal, resulting in a difference that can be seen and heard . PipeLine HDMI cables are compatible with every HDMI format ever made including 4K/Ultra HD . All drawn metal strands or conductors have a non-symmetrical, directional, grain structure, pipeLine controls the resulting RF impedance variation so that noise is drained away from where it will cause distortion. PipeLine tests each cable and marks the direction via arrows on the plug head . PipeLine HDMI are terminated in a precise, automated process that allows for the greatest control of conductor placement and temperature, this not only insures a reliable connection, but also further reduces signal loss and distortion . PipeLine utilizes 35 years experience in designing high performance audio and video cables, all pipeLine audio and video cables are designed and engineered in the USA . While many other manufacturers use random testing, PipeLine tests every cable post production, testing ensures the cable passes 100% of the data which ensures the highest-quality product ends up in the consumer’s hands

PipeLine ET-5 HDMI cable makes full use of PipeLine’s in-depth understanding in making high performance HDMI cables. Pipeline's Solid conductors employ Silver-Clad Copper (SCC) to ensure optimum performance in the digital domain. Solid conductors provide superior performance as compared to stranded conductors found in most HDMI cables by reducing strand interaction, providing superior audio and video performance. Pipeline HDMI cables are compatible with every HDMI format ever made including 4K and Ultra HD. An ultra slim plug head design fits in tight spaces where others won’t.

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