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32 in. Tall 1 Year Old Citrus Dancy Tagerine

32 in. Tall 1 Year Old Citrus Dancy Tagerine

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Add the richly flavored juice to orange juice for an added pop of flavor . Oil extracted from the rind is a characteristic ingredient in liqueurs and flavorings . Self-pollinating, so only 1 tree is needed to produce fruit . Trees should be kept out of direct sunlight until planted . Full planting and care instructions are included with each tree . Prefer sunny location . Grows 12 ft. to 15 ft. tall . Plant 15 ft. apart . Perennial in zones 8-12 . Growing instructions for planting in the ground: choose your planting site, trees should be planted 15 ft. apart and 15 ft. (dwarfs 8 ft.) away from the house or other large trees, citrus trees do not like standing water, they prefer sandy soils, a site that receives full sun works best, but at least 50% sun is needed, planting on the southern side of a house, lake, or other structure that offers wind protection will help protect your tree from cold, clear away weeds and grass, dig a hole 8 in. to 10 in. larger than the root ball of the tree, important: fill the hole with water, remove the tree from the pot and place it in the water-filled hole, plant at the level it was grown in the nursery (the same level as the top of the root ball), do not put the bud union (graft) below the soil, add soil back to the hole filling all air pockets under and around the root ball, (this is a critical step) newly planted trees should be watered regularly

The Dancy Tangerine is the classic tangerine that has been grown since about 1867. The tree itself bears thick, glossy, lance-shaped leaves among which bloom beautiful, strongly-scented flowers. The Dancy's evergreen branches are nearly thorn-less. The easy to peel fruit are flattened at each end with a thin, leathery, deep reddish-orange rind that is smooth and glossy. Medium sized fruit is easy to peel and usually eaten out of hand or used in fruit salads, desserts and main dishes. Easy to grow. Flesh is deeply orange in color and tender, with a rich flavor and moderate number of seeds.

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