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30-Amp Indoor Transfer Switch Kit for 6-10 Circuits

30-Amp Indoor Transfer Switch Kit for 6-10 Circuits

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Compatible with virtually any portable generator up to 8000-Watt continuous . Allows you to safely feed generator power to 6-10 circuits during a power outage . Installs like a subpanel next to the electrical panel in a home or business and includes all wires, metal conduit, fittings and wire nuts . Includes 30-Amp prewired transfer switch, 30-Amp power inlet box, 10 ft. cord with NEMA L14-30 ends, and extra 20-Amp plug in case the cord needs to be modified . Power up essentials like kitchen, furnace, well pump, sump pump, lights, television, home office, garage door opener and water heater . Expandable and reconfigurable using standard, off the shelf circuit breakers . Copper bus provides greater reliability . Accommodates arc fault and GFCI breakers to meet latest NEC requirements . A 60-Amp 2-pole main breaker is required in existing load center not included . UL listed in US and Canada . 2-year warranty against mechanical defects . Protected by US patent 6,861,596 B2 and other patents pending

Install the components in this kit to safely feed power from a portable generator to a home or business during an outage. Run portable power to 6 to 10 essential circuits like a furnace, well/sump pump, lights, refrigerator or garage door opener during a power outage. Kit includes a 30-Amp transfer switch, power inlet box, 10 ft. cord and extra 20-Amp plug. Required by the NEC, a transfer switch prevents dangerous back feeding onto utility lines. Installed like a subpanel next to the electrical panel in a basement, interior room or garage. Accepts standard breakers so if your needs change, more breakers can be added to accommodate up to 10 circuits. If your installation is inspected, this transfer switch accommodates Arc-Fault and GFCI breakers to meet the 2008 NEC. Watt meters help you balance loads to prolong generator life. The power inlet box should be mounted on the outside of the home in a convenient location for generator connection, away from doors and window openings. The 10-Foot 30-Amp power cord (10-Gauge 4-wire) includes L14-30 locking ends for connection from your generator to the power inlet box. If you have a smaller generator (3500 - 5000-Watt), an extra 20-Amp L14-20 plug is provided for your installer to modify the cord. Easy to use. UL Listed in US and Canada.

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