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50-Amp 12,500-Watt Indoor Manual Transfer Switch for 12-16 Circuits

50-Amp 12,500-Watt Indoor Manual Transfer Switch for 12-16 Circuits

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Generac's most versatile manual transfer switch for 12 circuits, 50-Amp s, and generators up to 12,500-Watt . Can be flush or surface mounted indoors like a subpanel next to existing load center in a basement, interior room or garage . Expandable and reconfigurable to 16 circuits using standard interchangeable type circuit breakers listed with Siemens, square D (HOM), cutler-hammer (BR) and GE (THQL) breakers . Accommodates arc fault and GFCI breakers to meet the latest NEC requirements . Includes all wires, flexible non-metallic conduit, fittings and wire nuts for installation in about an hour . UL listed in US and Canada . 2-year warranty against mechanical defects . 2-pole 100-Amp main breaker is required in existing load center not included . Protected by US patent 6,861,596 B2 and other patents pending

Generic’s most versatile transfer switch, model 501210 is designed for 12 circuits, 50-Amp, and generators up to 12,500-Watt. As your family or business needs change, you can expand the number of circuits up to 16 circuits, increasing its range of use. The enclosure can be conveniently flush or surface mounted indoors, and the design accommodates a hardwired or plug-in connection. It incorporates interchangeable type branch circuit breakers make for easy replacement and expansion, allowing your installer to reconfigure the product to suit your needs. Power up essentials like refrigerator/freezer, lights, furnace, kitchen circuits, television, well pump, water heater, home office, garage door opener, security system and electric range. Dual Watt meters are included to help balance loads to prolong generator life. Includes three 15-Amp 1-pole breakers, three 20-Amp 1-pole breakers, one 2-pole 20-Amp breaker, one 2-pole 30-Amp breaker and one 2-pole 50-Amp breaker. This transfer switch accepts Arc Fault and GFCI breakers to meet the latest NEC requirement if your installation will be inspected. Installs like a subpanel next to your existing load center -- a 2-pole 100-Amp breaker must be installed in the existing load center. Easy to use. UL Listed in USA and Canada.

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